6-Pack Jones Soda Pineapple Cream


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Jones Soda Pineapple Cream is a refreshing and indulgent soda that transports you to a tropical paradise. The combination of pineapple and creamy vanilla creates a delightful flavor experience that is both sweet and satisfying. Responsibly made with 100% cane sugar, enjoy with no remorse.

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Jones Soda Pineapple Cream offers a unique and enjoyable soda experience, combining the tropical zest of pineapple with the velvety creaminess of vanilla. The carbonation is perfectly balanced, providing a bubbly sensation without overpowering the drink’s natural flavors. Enjoy a crispy cold bottle on the beach, by the pool, as a mixer or as is with a delicious lunch! It is a must-try for those looking to break away from conventional soda flavors for a uniquely bold taste of something truly special.

Six Pack

This product is conveniently packaged in a six-pack, offering you an easy way to stock up on your favorite craft sodas. Perfect for enjoying at home or sharing with friends and family.


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