6-Pack Ramune Melon


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Ramune Melon Soda is the ultimate melon extravaganza, capturing the essence of juicy, ripe melons in every delightful sip. Grab a bottle, pop the marble, and let the melon madness begin!

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Ramune Melon Soda is the perfect companion for your wildest adventures, picnics in the park, or whenever you’re in need of a melon-infused pick-me-up. Its vibrant green hue will add a splash of summer to any occasion, while the bubbles dance on your tongue, leaving you refreshed and wanting more. The attractive green color makes it an eye-catcher at any party or event!

Six Pack

This product is conveniently packaged in a six-pack, offering you an easy way to stock up on your favorite craft sodas. Perfect for enjoying at home or sharing with friends and family.


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