6-Pack Tomomasu Mango Cider


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Tomomasu Mango Cider is a captivating blend of tropical flavors that will whisk your taste buds away to a fruity oasis. This cider embodies the essence of mango-infused bliss, meticulously crafted to satisfy every mango enthusiast.

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Tomomasu Mango Cider captures the essence of these golden beauties, delivering a burst of sweet, juicy flavor that will leave you craving more. With every sip, you’ll be swept away to a vibrant mango orchard, where the air is filled with the intoxicating aroma of ripe, succulent mangoes. Its smooth, velvety texture glides effortlessly over your taste buds, leaving you with a lingering sweetness that will make you smile.

Six Pack

This product is conveniently packaged in a six-pack, offering you an easy way to stock up on your favorite craft sodas. Perfect for enjoying at home or sharing with friends and family.


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